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Potential Incentives for Trainees

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Potential Incentives for Trainees

Exciting news, trainees! NEI's 3D ROC (part 1) has a special category for you. The reviewers will select up to 3 winners, and each will recieve a monetary prize. We are considering additional incentives for the winners, and want community input on the best ideas. Here are the potential incentives... please comment below.

  • Monetary prize (~$10k, to be split among winners)
  • Travel awards to attend vision conference to present winning work
  • Participation in an internship or give seminar at NEI/NIH
  • NEI feature interviews for the winners
  • Loan repayment incentive
  • Slots in FAES courses @ NIH
  • Opportunity to give talk(s) at conference
  • Write-up in journal(s) to highlight winning ideas
  • Profiles in society newsletter(s)
  • Partner winners with faculty members as mentors for grant writing
  • Participation in courses on grant writing, communications, or job search skills